Michalis Anousakis

My involvement with hair cosmetics was not merely a decision taken after careful consideration regarding alone my professional career and status; it was more an innate inclination, a road which from a very young age i knew i wanted to follow and offer not only standard services but also a new proposal, an air of renewal. The circumstances helped so that my environment would be supportive to me in this decision, as the family friend Charles Kanelopoulos went beyond our personal acquaintance handing me my first lessons and basically initiating to this site. After i completed secondary education, i followed the curriculum of the school Adamantos in 1993, while practicing the profession minutes since thanks to my friendly relationship with Red hair stylist Stephen i came in contact with Stephen Nicholas near whom i worked for 2 years. The partnerships then followed until the decision to proceed to the first cooperation with George Hatzigeorgiou (a which lasted for 3 years) was with Taki Selasie (2 years) and Elia Zarmpali (2 years). Having gained a respectable experience of several years and having worked with the aforementioned distinguished professionals i decided in 2003 to answer a greater professional challenge by opening a new store that would bear my personal stamp and whose custody would purely be a personal matter, which is called “Michael Anousakis” (Navarchou Nicodemus 29). Concurrently with my occupation, i have tried my strength in the fashion industry as well with collaborations such as Christy Krana (Models Academy “CRISTY”), which continues to date, Chris Veloudakis for FASHION WEEK, Nick Viliotis for the annual event of VOGUE (2009), Tasos Sophronius for the show FFG (Felous Fashion Group) (2010) etc. In these work experiences i would also like to include the presentation of 2011 collections in the studio WELLA ATHENS – THESSALONIKI / WIN-Father and the participation in the «TREND VISION 2012» in New York with the ditinguished selected partner Vangelis Margoutas . My professional journey has only just begun and i remain open to any given professional challenge.